"Lantz of Winchester has always worked with us as a team to provide the owner with an outstanding finished product. When unforeseen changes were required during construction, Lantz always worked with us and the owner to mitigate the costs."
-Todd D. Poff, P.E., Vice President, OWPR Architects

Mathews Arm Wastewater System

KIMG0314-websiteName: Mathews Arm Wastewater System
Address: Shenandoah National Park
Owner: National Park Service, NE Region
Architect: United States Department of the Interior
Description: Demolition of the existing wastewater treatment plant and replacement with a new packaged wastewater plant. The work includes replacement of approximately 5,500 linear feet of new sanitary sewer piping. Completion of the 2 million dollar project is scheduled for September 2017.